Postdoctoral Data

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To empower postdoctoral trainees to make informed decisions about their training and career goals, we are committed to the data transparency standards established by the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science.


Pitt currently hosts a dynamic community of 800+ postdoctoral fellows spanning 18 academic units. View current demographic data »

Career Outcomes

Using a common taxonomy endorsed by the Coalition for Next Generation Life Science, trainee outcomes have been classified by workforce sector and career type:
Workforce Sector:
Career Type:
  • Academia
  • Government
  • For Profit
  • Nonprofit
  • Other
  • Unknown
  • Primarily research
  • Primarily teaching
  • Science (or discipline) - related
  • Not related to science (or discipline)
  • Futher training or education
  • Unknown/other

A derivation of this taxonomy has been adopted to classify by employment function and a taxonomy unique to Pitt was developed to identify faculty status within academia.

The location of work/training sites are represented both globally and nationally. View career outcome data »